A video with criminal wrangles in the transnistrian elite was published recently in internet.  The main participants are: a member of the electoral headquarters of the President of the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic (TMR) Vladimir Yurash, Spartak and Talgat. 

The video was filmed by a man called Talgat and his face didn't appear in the movie. He excoriated Yurash in a very rough form and  talked on the phone with someoned called Spartak. It's clear the criminal friedship between Talgat and Spartak by the conversation:

Spartak: - If someone is talking to you modestly, it doesnt mean that you should become immodest.

Yurash: - I do not become immodest, I say it again. I'm not going to do anything - neither become impudent nor say anything.

Talgat - Spartak, I will make, in short, you know, yes? If anything happens, /censored/, I'll see, in short, you know me, /censored, I will /I censored/. Well, Spartak, brother, boys here know the matter.

Spartak: - Talgat, look, if it is necessary, I will fly there tomorrow.

Talgat - Bro, keep your boys there, I tell you, /censored/, it is clear all /censored/ are quite, /censored/. Well, bro.

Spartak: - Bue

Talgat negotiated with Spartak, which is probably no one else than Spartak Japaridze, a leader of a criminal group from Dnepropetrovsk, recently disprisoned.

The author of the video is likely a kazakh businessman Talgat Baitaziyev, appointed an executive by the state enterprise Moldovan Metallurgical Plant (MMP) in March 2015. According to sources close to the president, Baitaziyev was a godfather at the wedding of President of the TMR Yevgeny Shevchuk and Foreign Minister of the region Nina Shtanski.

Because of the friendship or of another reasons Baytaziyev became the director of the plant and didn't keep the promise to invest a significant amount in the company. One theory is that Talgat aggressed Yurash who related the real situation at the plant to another person figured in the conversation- Oxana. As a result a delegation of the businessman Renat Akhmetov arrived in Moldova to offer real investment:

Talgat: - Well, what did you write about me?

Yurash: - I didnt write anything.

Talgat: - Why didn't you apologize?

Yurash: - I apologize to you, but I wanted to speak with Oxana on completely different matter, serious.  

Talgat: - Hey, you, /censored/, who you mess with?

 Yurash: - I am not looking forward to mess with anyone, on contrary, I was to warn to stop going against…

Talgat: - You're with someone, you, /censored/? Do you know me? Why are you calling Oxana, /censored/?

Yurash: - I didnt call, I gave her this papers ...

Talgat: - Apologize, /censored/! 

Yurash: - I apologize. I apologize to you, but I did not do anything wrong.

Oxana, which was told about the plant obviously is the Chairman of Board of  Directors in the bank "Ipotechniy" Novak Oxana. It's remarkable that the main shareholder of the bank is above-mentioned Talgat Baitaziyev.

This video topped off the collection of compromising negotiations between the representatives of the Moldovan authorities. Moreover, Vladimir Yurash doesn't appear for the firts time in such video: during the last presidential campaign Yurash without any permission filmed the meeting with the former President of Moldova Vladimir Voronin, where Yurash tried to obtain financing and was refused.

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