The police liquidated a criminal group specialized in drug trafficking. The criminals were arrested during the attempt of sale of hydroponics and amphetamine. The group consisted of 6 member from 26 to 40 years and a 22 years old girl.

The operation for the identification of the criminals was held in the mun.Chishinau, Vadul-lui-Voda by the officers of the special forces unit “Fulger”.

It was set that the criminal activity was organized by the 40 years old man, earlier imprisoned for 18 years in Russian Federation. He organized a contraband of narcotic substances from abroad and distributed them in Moldova between another members of the group.

The criminals sold drugs especially to minor children.

Due the checks the police detected packed narcotics, ready for sale, money signed by police, cell phones used for communication in the group and  weighing-machines.

The drugs were confiscated by the police and sent to the laboratory. The amount of the confiscated items is around 100 000 lei.

The suspects were detained for 30 days. According to the Penal Code they risk to be condemned for up to 10 years imprisonment.

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