A Ciocana District Police Inspectorate employee allegedly leads a criminal group detained today, October 27, for the distribution and sale of drugs. The statement was made in a press conference by the prosecutor Dumitru Stefirta.

According to him, law enforcement agents have documented a criminal group involved in the distribution of drugs on the territory of Moldova. "A police officer, employed in the Police Inspectorate of Ciocana District supplied heroin to the criminal group. During the detention, the suspect threw away a package of some substance, allegedly heroin. Additionally, the searches revealed impressive amounts of money,” Stefirta said.

Prosecutors also established that the group has managed to sell about 500 grams of drugs and obtained the sum of 700 000 lei. “About 90% of the money was received by the police officer, another 10% by other intermediaries. The police officer detained was in charge of combating illegal circulation of drugs and had ties with criminal groups involved in smuggling of heroin," Stefirta said.

The police said that the heroin had allegedly been smuggled into Moldova from Turkey and from the Russian Federation. The police officer helped to distribute it through other intermediaries who sold it to end consumers.

Security forces conducted 28 searches and, so far, 12 people have been detained for 72 hours for drug dealing. They found more than 30 grams of heroin, about 2 kg of marijuana and 150 000 lei, and other criminal evidence in the cars and homes of the suspects.

Additionally, following the detention of the police officer, a packet of about 10 grams of heroin was found as a result of undertaken measures. They also found over 100,000 lei, including money derived from criminal activities, in his luxury car.

In his turn, the head of Investigation Department under the National Inspectorate of Police, Valeriu Brinister, said that yesterday they detained two criminal groups dealing with drug distribution. "We have previously spoken about the first group, while the second engaged in distributing drugs in night clubs. In this case, we detained two people who worked as waiters in two nightclubs and dealt drugs. All the detainees are drug addicts and have been previously convicted for similar offenses. Currently, we are checking if there was a prior connection between the two groups," Brinister said.

If convicted, the suspects face up to 15 years of imprisonment. 

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