The theft was committed in November 2015 in Verona. 13 armed and masked men entered in the museum building. Among the stolen paintings were Tintoretto’s, Rubens’ and Caroto’s works of art.

Earlier the police arrested 9 citizens of Moldova, that will be judged by the Italian Court. Recently the customs officers detained the 10th citizen of Moldova, that was one of 13 members of a criminal group that performed the “Theft of century”. He was arrested while an attempt to pass the border “Albita” and leave Romania for Moldova.

The officers from the Ministry of Internal Affairs affirm that Anatolie Burlac, together with other criminals was in cahoots with the guardian of the museum Castelvecchio in Verona, Italia. They managed just in 10 minutes to extract a number of precious paintings.

The estimated cost of the stolen paintings is approximatively 15 million euros. 

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