A Chisinau citizen of 65 years old was detained by law-enforcement agencies. The man was in possession of a firearm without permission and was going to sell it for 50 thousand lei.

The man was caught red-handed by police in the Botanica sector.

During the search, the police found in the trunk of his car two weapons with a rifled barrel, an aidless modified firearm and four pistols «Beretta» and «Valtro».

Weapon was seized and transferred to the Central of technical and forensic examination, where will be made a laboratory analysis. Law-enforcement agencies continue to gather information to settle the provenance of the firearms, and also to detect other accomplices in the attempt of selling illegal weapon.

Was initiated a criminal case for possession, carrying and sale of illegal firearms, the criminal penalty includes a fine up to 12 thousand lei or three years in prison. 

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