A young girl of 23 and her husband of 20 years, residing in Ocniţa town, are suspected of blackmail. The man was detained for 72 hours, and the woman is being investigated in libert., says the General Police Inspectorate.

Both are with criminal records.

 Recently, a woman aged 33, a resident of Ocniţa town, addressed to the police, saying that she is  being blackmailed for about a week, through messages from different mobile numbers by strangers. More so, to leave her alone, individuals are asking for money. If she does not pay the amount requested, they will tell the family, relatives and acquaintances about some moments in her personal life that will defame her and at the same time, they will send photos and videos in which she is present.

 On August 17, she sent the suspects a sum of MDL 500. At their request, the money was left in a garbage urn on a street in the Ocnita town. After two days, the strangers asked for another MDL 3.000 delivered by the same scenario. This is when the woman called the police. Thus, instead of MDL 3000, were sent MDL 500 marked bils.

Thanks to prompt actions of employees of the Combating Organized Crime Directorate and the National Inspectorate of Investigation and IP Ocnita, the illegal actions of the suspects were prevented and on 20 August they were caught in the act.

 As a result of body searches of the suspects were identified the marked money and was determined that the suspects are friends with the victim, they, fully recognizing their guilt.

 In this case a criminal case was initiated under Art. 189, para. (2) Criminal Code of RM. Under the legislation, persons found guilty of "blackmail" risk a jail term of 5-7 years, with a fine of 10.000 to 20.000 MDL.

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