A mixed patrol crew arrested an individual with previous criminal records, aged 35 years, residing in the village of Goieni. The man was driving a car of Vaz model, hijacked  from the territory of an enterprise in Ciorescu village on the night of 19 August this year, Police Directorate of Chisinau informs.

The police noticed and pursued the man up to a field near the village, as he intended to abscond, performing dangerous maneuvers, when driving, thus damaging a fender and the headlights of the car.

Police intervened promptly and handcuffed him, asking for the intervention of Rascani District task force of Chisinau Police Directorate. The preliminary investigation found that the individual was driving the car drunk, he also acknowledged in detail, the circumstances of the car hijack. Subsequently, he was escorted to the inspectorate to be heard as a suspect, the car was brought to the parking lot, until the court issued a decision in this respect.

The man was detained for a period of 72 hours in the detention ward of the Police Department of Chisinau and is under criminal investigation for hijacking a means of transport and can be punished with a fine of from 10 000 to 20 000 lei or imprisonment of 1 to 3 years.

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