A group of three people, one of which present himself as a policeman, were detained by officers of Internal protection and Anti-corruption Service of MIA and prosecutors from the Magistracy for organized crime, being suspected of blackmail, says the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

 The suspects took EUR 500 from a citizen, whom they accused of luring a minor for sexual purposes.

 In exchange for the money, the false policeman and his associates promised not to denounce the case, so that the person blackmailed will not be attracted to criminal liability.

After special investigative measures and actions of criminal prosecution, IPAS officers and PCCOCS prosecutors arrested one of the suspects red-handed, while he received EUR 500 from the victim.

 Later was located and arrested the second suspect, who turned out to be a 30 year-old man, with the accomplice status.

 Also, yesterday morning, was detained the main suspect, a 31 year-old man, the head of that group.

 All three suspects were questioned as suspects, and two of them received preventive measure of arrest and were placed in isolation for 72 hours.

 For such crime, the Criminal Code of Moldova proposes imprisonment up to 7 years with a fine in the amount of 1.000 conventional units. 

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