Three members of a family in Balti were sentenced to prison for five counts.

According to the evidence of prosecution office in mun. Balti, during the years 2002 - 2012, a woman with her husband and daughter have recruited 24 girls, including four minor for prostitution. The defendants recruited young women from socially vulnerable families. After that they prepared the documents for departure to Turkey, UAE and Cyprus, where young women were exploited sexually. Some of the victims had transfered money from prostitution, so the accused family got over 200 thousand lei through bank transfers.

Daughter and husband were accused for the persuasion the victims to submit false testimony in favor of women, when it began its criminal investigation. Also, law enforcement officers discovered drugs in the car and the man's clothes.

Recently, the defendants were sentenced to 18, 16 and 10 years of imprisonment for pimping, child trafficking, human trafficking, money laundering, false testimony and the illegal circulation of drugs.

The defendants may appeal the verdict. 

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