Herrn Muller, a German citizen, carries out illegal excavations in Moldova. The man was noticed digging near the “Eternity” memorial complex in Chisinau. He is protected by the German Embassy in Moldova. An activist from Chisinau, who saw Muller entering the diplomatic premises of the institution, was physically assaulted by an Embassy employee, being slapped in the face.

Eyewitnesses claim that Herrn Muller dug up five graves, removed ashes, and some objects from them. They argue that Muller allegedly told them that he was excavating with the consent of the German Embassy in Moldova. 

An activist, who witnessed the moment when Herrn Muler tried to hide on the territory of the German Embassy, ​​was verbally and physically assaulted in the street by an Embassy employee, who tried to deprive him of his camera. When the activist said he would call the police, the diplomat replied that he did not care. 

Vitalie Ciobanu, director of the Center of Military History and Culture, claims that excavations conducted without the consent of the Ministry of Culture are illegal, and if the excavations are carried out in the military cemetery, the approval of the Ministry of Defence is required. Moreover, all objects of historical value found in the excavations are to be transmitted to the museums in Moldova.

Colonel Ciobanu mentioned that he knew about Muller’s illegal activities and sent a letter in this regard to the German Embassy in Chisinau. In response, the diplomatic institution promised to coordinate future excavations. According to Ciobanu, he has not received any request from the German Embassy to coordinate excavations, carried out by Muller. At the same time, Ciobanu does not exclude that some objects, discovered during these excavations would get to the black market outside Moldova.

Herrn Muller claims that he is the representative of WAST German organization for Moldova, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria and deals with the repatriation of the remains of German soldiers killed in WWII. 

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