Three young persons from Chishinau of 23 to 25 years were detained by the police. They are accused of the organization a criminal group of trading in prostitution. There were two women and a man, that guided the “business” from a prison.

According to the data of the General Inspectorate of Police in the period of 2015-2016 the suspects created a criminal network and recruited though it young persons for the on-line prostitution. To the moment the police identified 4 persons younger that 25 years, that worked “models for a video-chat”.

Every model was captured in a virtual studio located in the apartment of one of criminals. The clients paid the services through bank cards.

Due the searches the police detected and confiscated computers and a notebook with a special equipment for on-line video-chats, two cell phones, data storage items, bank cards, the models’ documents and units for intimate use.

The law foresee a sentence for 5 to 10 years of prison for such crimes.

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