A Leova prisoner, who killed his wife, also ordered the murder of his stepchildren so that he won't have to share the inherited wealth with them.

In January 2011, the detainee shared the murder plan with a cellmate and asked them to find a person to commit the assassination. For the murder, the prisoner promised a reward of 10,000 dollars.

His comrades, behind the bars for committing blackmail and robbery, found a person who would commit the assassination and would receive seven thousand dollars.

The detainee, has devised several scenarios, remotely through a cell phone, to avoid any suspicion.

Subsequently, the crime executor changed his mind and denounced the two detainees to the police. In 2016, the court of first instance acquitted the defendants, on the ground that the deed did not meet the elements of the offense, and the prosecutor challenged the sentence as unlawful.

Recently, the Chisinau Court of Appeal admitted the prosecutor's appeal, and the defendants were sentenced to 15 and 10 years of imprisonment with execution respectively.

The decision may be appealed to the Supreme Court of Justice.

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