A man escaped last night from the isolation ward of Chisinau Police Directorate. He was placed under preventive arrest for robbery. Adrian Jovmir, press officer of Chisinau Police Directorate, confirmed the information for CrimeMoldova.

The source declared that at present the suspect is wanted by the police. "I cannot reveal any other details now," Jovmir said.
According to police sources, the suspect was placed in the isolation ward together with another man, who had to be released at midnight upon the expiry of 72 hours from the time of his arrest.

Thus, the men made an agreement. When the door of the isolator ward opened to release the second suspect, the first pretended to be the other mate and went out, while the other pretended to be asleep.

The mother of the man, who had to be released waited for him at the Police Directorate, when she saw him she said that it was not her son, but the suspect managed to escape. The other prisoner was released as his term of arrest expired. The police are taking the steps necessary to identify the man who escaped.


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