A man from Cahul District is accused by prosecutors of committing the crime of human trafficking and pimping.

The defendant, aged 23, along with two Romanian citizens, determined, in the spring of last year, two young girls from Cahul to practice prostitution. The girls provided sexual services in the city of Galati, Romania for about a month.

The income earned by the young women was divided among the accused.

The chief specialist in public relations department of the Prosecutor General’s Office, Eugeniu Rosca, stated, "The victims were 18 and over. So far, we don’t know the amounts for which they were providing sexual services. The police are taking the necessary steps to establish all the circumstances of the case".

One of the victims was forced to provide sexual services without payment to one of the accused, after it she managed to escape with another young woman.

The accused also tried to determine another young girl to get into prostitution, but she refused.

At present, the accused is under house arrest, while the case of his accomplices has been disjoined into a separate procedure, as they were arrested in Romania.

If found guilty, the defendants risk sentences of up to 20 years of imprisonment.

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