Heinous crime found in Ciocîlteni village, Orhei. A man of 44 years is suspected of having raped and killed a 70-years-old villager.  
According to a press release of the General Police Inspectorate, on 18 July  Orhei PI received an information from a villager of Ciocîlteni about the detection of a corpse in a neighboring household.
Moving to the spot, the police have found the body of a woman in a state of putrefaction. Following the forensic examination was found that the woman's death occurred due to strangulation.
Following the investigations undertaken by law enforcement authorities, the alleged suspect was detained. During the hearings the man admitted his guilt, saying that on the evening of July 16 to 17, being drunk, he got into the housed of the victim in order to steal some goods. The suspect raped the woman, and after she recognized him, the man strangled her with a towel and then left the place of the crime.
A criminal proceeding was initiated for premeditated murder and rape, the suspect risking imprisonment from 15 to 20 years or life imprisonment.

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