A man from the capital, 42, was detained by investigation officers of PI Râşcani, for allegedly breaking into a car, where he had stolen money and material goods ia a sum over MDL 40 000.

According to law enforcement, the man was previously convicted of robbery offenses. Regarding the recent theft, the police were alerted by the owner of the Audi A4 car, who found traces of intrusion and lack of the material goods. According to him, the suspect would have stolen from the car a mobile phone, a GPS navigator, laptop, cash and other personal items. The car was parked on the Moșilor street in Rascani District of the Capital.

After the research started at the scene, police found that the suspect forced the windscreen and the side door lock. According to preliminary information gathered, the individual was able to sell the stolen material goods and spent the money. Police officers will identify the buyers and raise as evidence the stolen things.

The suspect was detained in the insulator of the Chisinau Police Department and is under investigation for theft. According to the criminal law he risks imprisonment for 2 to 6 years.

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