Serghei Mkrtcean, aged 29, was arrested yesterday by militia of Tighina (Bender) on suspicion of theft from a family of pensioners. It is not the first offense of the suspect, who has previously had several convictions.

According to the Transnistrian investigators, in March 2016, Mkrtcean was released from prison, where he had served his term for theft. He rented an apartment from a family of pensioners in Tighina (Bender). The hosts, who lived separately, were in friendly relations with the suspect.

Thus, Mkrtcean found out where the pensioners kept gold items and currency. He decided to steal things little by little, so that the owners would not notice anything. The man stole from the pensioners goods and currency in the amount of 29 485 Transnistrian rubles (about $ 2,600).

Mkrtcean admitted the theft and promised to return the money in installments, but after that, he left the apartment, which made the hosts ask militia’s help. 

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