A resident of the capital aged 32 was detained for 72 hours by law enforcement officers on suspicion of complicity in international drug trafficking. The man is a member of a criminal group, unmasked by Police in July this year.

He was detained on 13 September by officers of the Directorate for Combating Organized Crime of the National Investigation Inspectorate jointly with employees of BPDS "Fulger".

 In the criminal group, the man had the role of registration of business acts organized and carried out by 2 other citizens of Israel. To obtain documents that would prove the legality of the "business", he received money totaling EUR 25.000.

According to an investigation of Deschide.md the detained man is Nicolae Hacico. member of Our Party who ran in the 2014 parliamentary elections the Motherland Party list (No. 29). His name is associated with the protest "NuMăTem".

According to the source, members of the organized crime group, would have told investigators that Hacico held a meeting with "the most influential politician in our country, the future prime minister of Moldova - Renato Usatîi" to facilitate the initiation of business.

 At the premises of the suspect, the officials detected and confiscated a number of documents that will serve as evidence in the examination of the criminal case initiated for illegal circulation of drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues with the intention of distribution.

 If found guilty, the man risks a jail term of 3-7 years.

 Police continues to carry out operational investigative measures jointly with counterparts from Israel, for the establishment and retention of other members of the organized crime group. 

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