Maxim Nikitovski aged 25, has been sentenced today by a court in Tiraspol, to ten years of imprisonment for murdering a resident of the village of Cernita, Grigoriopol District. 

The young man was convicted despite the fact that he is mentally impaired.

According to the investigation, the body of Ghennadi Prihodcenko was found on 10 October 2015 in a private house with signs of violent death. Maxim Nikitovski, born in Tiraspol, was arrested in the course of investigation. It was established that the accused had quarreled with his relatives in Tiraspol and left the city to carry out some seasonal work. Thus, he met Prihodcenko in the village of Cernita. Prihodcenko allowed him to live in his parents’ house that was abandoned.

On 9 October 2015, in severe intoxication, Nikitovski entered Prihodcenko’s house and inflicted several blows with a knife in the neck region. He could not explain his deed in the course of investigation. It was later established that Nikitovski suffered from a mental illness and was followed up by a psychiatrist, but in the case in question, he was held liable.  

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