A 23-year-old Moldavan, Veaceslav Malachi, living in Italy, killed his mother with a special cruelty, and then committed suicide.

The macabre incident occurred on May 17, in Padova, in their own house. The Peninsula press writes that the young man would have stabbed the 53-year-old Feodora Malachi with long-blade kitchen knife, 50 times.

After committing the murder, the Moldovan had caused more knife wounds on his arms and neck and eventually jumped from the third floor of the block where he lived.

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The neighbors immediately announced the police. Arriving on the scene, the law enforcement officials identified the mother's body in a bloodbath and found her death. Likewise, a medical crew tried to resurrect her son, but their efforts were in vain.

At the moment, the reasons why the young man committed the murder are not known exactly. Some of the reasons are a crisis of anger or a quarrel on the morning of the crime between the two. Corrieredelveneto.corriere.it writes that the young man is under house arrest because he has committed several thefts, and he would have had problems with alcohol.

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Those who met the family described Veaceslav as a dubious and dangerous guy. He repeatedly had problems with the law, violated public order, walked with the ax in his hand, and put fear in the whole neighborhood. As for her mother, her neighbors describe her as a very quiet, benevolent person who worked as a caregiver.

Another murder committed by another Moldovan who astonished the people from Italy, was on March 19 of this year. Then, the Moldavan Irina Bacal was killed by her former boyfriend, Mihail Savciuc, because she got pregnant. Currently, Savciuc is in prison, being accused of particularly serious murder and hiding the corpse.

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