Today, the employees of the Crimes Investigation Division of Făleşti PI countered a new attempt of cigarettes’ smuggling after they found about 130 thousand cigarettes without any supporting documents, which were to arrive in Romania.

According to the press release of the PGI, on July 25 the police detained three people aged between 28 and 37 years in the town Năvîrneţ, Făleşti rayon, who were driving a "VW Passat" towards the border, transporting several big boxes on the backseat.

By examining the packages, the police found 5624 Plugaru cigarette packs and 981 packs of Ritm cigarettes without any supporting documents. In total, the packs contained 130 thousand cigarettes.

The tobacco products that were detained by law enforcement agencies were supposed to be taken out of the country illegally and sold on the Romanian market. They were withdrawn until the completion of the investigation.
We remind that a similar attempt was thwarted yesterday after the mobile teams of the Customs Service detained a catch of 100,000 cigarettes.

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