On May 25, the final session was held on the rape case at the psycho-neurological boarding school in Balti. The case was made public in February 2013, when a beneficiary of the boarding school announced that she was raped by a doctor that treated her. Later, during investigations, other 16 victims were identified.

The last hearing was attended by the defendant Stanislav Florea and the lawyers of both sides. The prosecutor Cristina Rimar requested a 15 years imprisonment for the doctor accused of rape. The meeting, which was held behind closed doors, was postponed to August 22 for unknown reasons.


On one hand, the lawyer of the victims, Gasitoi Violeta, said one of her clients wrote on social networks that she does not agree with the prosecutor's request. The victim insists on life imprisonment for the accused.

On the other hand, the lawyer of the accused, Angela Procopciuc, declared that "Mr. Florea permanently declared himself innocent. He calls for his acquittal on all counts due to the lack of constituent components of the offense and because some crimes are said to have been done in '88, '90, '93, when there was another Criminal Code and other liabilities", she told the newspaper Ziarul de Gardă.

Moreover, in an interview offered to newsmaker. md, Violeta Gasitoi declared that not only the director blames the victims but also the witnesses for the defense. Gasitoi mentioned that one of the witnesses said: "Look at them. Are they Angelina Jolie to be raped?".

To my question: "If it was Angelina Jolie, could the accused Stanislav Florea do this?” the answer was: "It would be another matter. It is already possible with Angelina Jolie".

In the same time, Gasitoi exclamed: „Overall, I believe that the prosecution had to institute criminal proceedings not only against the person suspected of committing a crime directly, but also against those who, in a way or another, covered or did not take any action. I mean, the former director of the boarding school. Most rapes were committed in the boarding school in Balti”.

The inhumane treatment the women with mental disabilities

uKCMlI1Tz0KfNRcfsPr60Q.png16 beneficiaries of the boarding school accused the therapist Stanislav Florea of rape, and one of them, aged 40, had announced her relatives about this.

She recounted in detail that she was sexually assaulted in the afternoon of 2 January 2013. The psychiatric expertise showed that at the moment the patient of the psycho-neurological Balti Boarding school was of sound mind. Later, the police received other complaints on the doctor's name from 15 patients.

According to evz.ro, one of the rape victims of the psycho-neurological boarding school in Balti born a child in 2004. The woman hid her pregnancy until near the seventh month. "She tells with great emotion that she wanted this baby. She dressed large clothing so that nobody knows she’s pregnant. At 7 months they caught her and immediately took her to curettage abortion, but she gave birth to a healthy child on the halls of the medical institution", says the lawyer Violeta Gasitoi.

Immediately after birth, they made an injection to the child and he died. The woman was given a box where to put the child and bury him later. The mother stripped the shirt she wore, wrapped the baby and put him in the box. Now the victim is in a protected apartment, the lawyer says. She wants to have children, but she says she cannot get pregnant.

Moreover, out of the beneficiaries that accuse the doctor of rape seven have given testimony, while two of them died in suspicious circumstances after having spoken in court about being raped and subjected to abort. Another woman disappeared without a trace, just before making statements about the fact that she was forced to have an abortion.

On  February 28? 2013 a criminal case was initiated on the accusation of Stanislav Florea according to art. 171, paragraph 2 (a) CP (rape committed by a person who has previously committed rape) and art. 172 par. 1 CP (violent actions of sexual nature).

50-year-old Stanislav Florea is originally from Balti. He worked as a therapist at the psycho-neurological boarding school in Balti for 27 years and resigned after the criminal case was opened on his name. The man is now prosecuted in custody, while the file is in court. 

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