A guard from the Preventive Detention Isolator in Chişinău was noticed by the video cameras, to steal shavers from a detainee's parcel. The policeman is named Aurel Ciloci-Doni and has the status of accused in the file initiated in the case of Andrei Braguţa's death.

The case took place in mid-July 2018. On the evening of July 13, a guard sent a parcel to a detainee, and he signed it at the reception. Because the detainees are forbidden to keep shaving devices in the cells, the cop put the objects in a box beside the cell.

On the morning of July 14 at 5:42 PM, sergeant Aurel Ciloci-Doni was noticed to check the speakers near the cells, found the shaving devices, took them and left.

On the same day, at 15.17, while being taken to the bathroom, the detainee notices that the shaving devices are missing. The head of the Isolator, Eduard Iarmenco, watched the video and found out who had stolen the objects.

CrimeMoldova sources claim that Ciloci-Doni and Iarmenco would be in friendly relations, so the guardian escaped unpunished, and the detainee was convinced not to file a complaint.

The Sergeant Aurel Ciloci-Doni became known to the media in May 2014, after being detained by the Transnistrian security at the Hagimus crossing point in Causeni district, for trying to cross the border with a service gun and ammunition.

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