A resident of Paicu village,  Cahul Distirct, aged 67, grew hemp bushes in a greenhouse in her garden.

The criminal activity of the woman was discovered by the officers of the South National Investigation Inspectorate, together with Cahul Police Inspectorate and Cahul Territorial Directorate of the ISS.

According to the National Police Inspectorate, if the woman had continued her criminal activity, she would have obtained a profit if over 25 thousand euro from the sale of the drug.

In Alexandru Ioan Cuza village, Cahul District, officers discovered 10 packets and 2 glasses of marijuana at the residence of a man, 36. The drug was to be sold for the sum of 500 lei per packet.

Police officers seized and sealed the narcotic plants and substances and sent them to a chemical expertise.

In both cases, people are investigated at large. If they are found guilty, both the woman and man risk fines from 8 to 14 thousand lei, or imprisonment of up to one year.

Recall that yesterday, Chisinau Police discovered hemp plants in the garden of a resident of the town Sangera.

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