The General Police Inspectorate reported about the detention of 11 citizens of the Republic of Moldova, suspected in the theft of famous artists’s paintings from the museum in Verona, Italy.

On November 19, 2015 the police of Moldova received a request from italian authorities, which mentioned that a group of people (italians suggested they were from Moldova) got illegally into the Museum Kastelvekko in Verona. The thieves immobilized the guards and brought away 17 paintings of famous artists of the Renaissance: Rubens, Tintoretto, Pisanello, Bellini, Montaigne, etc. The total value of the stolen paintings is more than 15 million euros.

The investigation was conducted jointly by the Department of the specific cases investigation of Moldova and the law enforcement agencies of Italy. As a result of their actions 3 members of the group were detained in Moldova and 8 in Italy.

20 searches were organized in both countries. A number of pieces of evidence proving the guilt of the young people was detected during the searches.

The Chisinau Central Court arrested the suspects for 30 days. The investigation aimed to establish the details of the theft continues.

The age of criminals who managed to steal the precious paintings in 10 minutes is between 25 to 35 years. The police suggests that the paintings were transported to Moldova for further sale on the «black market».

Italy is the second popular country after Russia, where at the moment are 150 thousand citizens of Moldova, which, we hope, will express their love for art in a legal way.

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