A teacher from a school in the north of the country was detained for 30 days on suspicion of perverse actions against children.

Information about the alleged actions of the teacher was sent to the Centre for Combating Human Trafficking of the National Inspectorate of Investigation. It was stated that a primary school teacher, aged 44, undertook perverse actions against students in class.

In this context, the police jointly with the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) installed surveillance cameras inside the educational institution for the May-June period. The images obtained demonstrate that the teacher acted perversely in class, at least with respect to two eight-tear-old boys. Perverse actions were expressed through indecent touching and other actions of sexual nature.

According to law enforcement agency, the teacher, in the premises of the high school, after classes, had several times homosexual and other relations in perverse forms with several men, including a former teacher of this educational institution.

Investigation of this case continues. If he is guilty, the teacher risks imprisonment of up to 7 years.

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