A commercial company, its manager and several accomplices are charged with large-scale money laundering and tax evasion. The suspects have illegally obtained about 28 million lei from online gambling.

Prosecutors have finalized the criminal prosecution against the suspects and referred the case to court. According to the available information, the suspects have committed the offense using an electronic payment system.

Law enforcement officials found that in January 2014, in order to hide illegal gambling activities through electronic communications systems, the legal entity, registered in an offshore area, concluded a service contract with a company in the Republic Moldova.

In the period of January 2014 - February 2017, the legal person organized and carried out online gambling sports betting on websites created for this purpose. Thus, they illegally received money from the citizens of the Republic of Moldova through the accounts opened in the electronic payment system, although these activities constitute a state monopoly.

The suspects earned a total profit of about 28 million lei out of the illegal activities. The illicit origin of the earnings in Moldovan currency was disguised by converting into euros and US dollars, followed by transfers to banks in Germany and Liechtenstein.

At the same time, within the criminal investigation, the prosecutors seized about 8 million lei, real estate and movable assets belonging to the accused, including 4 luxury cars and shares of the apartments and lots of land in order to ensure the recovery of the damage and seizure of the proceeds of the crime.

If the defendants are found guilty, they are liable to imprisonment for up to 10 years and a fine of up to 800 thousand lei. The legal entity risks being liquidated.

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