A 38-year-old woman from Transnistria, who murdered her husband, dismembered him and threw him into a well, may be spending the next 25 years behind bars. The defendant committed the murder to be with another man and to acquire the victim's apartment.

According to the case, the murder was committed in Ribnita in early December 2017, and the remains of the man were not found in the well until March, 2018.

The body parts were spotted in plastic bags. The skull and the bones found had cuts made with a circular saw.

The investigators established that the remains belong to a 47-year-old man from Ribnita, and the murder was committed by his wife. The woman had a connection with another man and wanted to be in possession of the deceased's flat.

To kill the man, the murderer got her husband drunk, and then stabbed him in the heart. After making sure that he died, the woman dismembered his body in fragments, for three days. The soft parts of the body were thrown into the sewer, and the bones were cut with a circular saw and packed in plastic bags. At night, she went out with the bags and threw them into a well.

Moreover, the Transnistrian would have done these actions in the presence of the two minors.

At present, the woman is under preventive arrest, and the children were taken by the biological father.

The case materials were sent to court, and the perpetrator of the crime is facing 25 years of detention for intentional murder.

The psychiatric examination found that the defendant is responsible and does not need mandatory medical treatment.

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