A young man aged 24, residing in Chisinau, previously convicted for theft and rape, was identified and arrested by police on suspicion of committing a series of thefts from cars.

According to the statements made by the victims during the hearing, the perpetrator caused damaged in the amount of 200 000 lei.

Police officers established the circumstances and accumulated conclusive evidence in at least six cases of this kind. In the course of investigation, police have determined that the perpetrator acted in the evenings, penetrated in the vehicles by damaging the windshields and stole sets of cosmetics, leather handbags, laptops, Ipads, bankcards, and financial means.

Following the authorized searches, conducted at the temporary residence of the suspect, the police found and seized only a part of the stolen goods, as the others were sold to a person trusted by the perpetrator.

Currently, the suspect is investigated under preventive arrest for a large-scale theft and faces a sentence of imprisonment from 5 to 10 years.

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