The prosecutor’s office of Soroca in collaboration with Security and Intelligence Service (SIS) detained  a 27 years citizen of Soroca on the suspicion of transporting, trade and illegal storage of ammunition and toxic substances.

In the result of the successful prosecution and special investigative measures a container with 1.5 kilograms of white hydrargyrum,16 cartridges of caliber 5.45, 38 ones of 7.62 caliber, one unidentified cartridge and a fragment of another one were detected. According to the prosecution materials, the suspected person planned to sell the hydrargyrum and the ammunition brought in Transnistria.

The investigation detected that several officials from state institutions and law agencies are involved in the crime. 

Currently the prosecutors and SIS officers investigate the case to establish the origin of detected objects, the measure of the another persons involvement in the criminal scheme and other relevant circumstances of the criminal case.

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