One more cigarette smuggling attempt was thwarted by border guards. Today, they detained a young man from Giurgiuleşti who intended to move across the river Prut, 1200 packets of contraband cigarettes.

The press release said that the border police at around 21:00 by technical means provided, border guards noticed a person carrying from inside of the country to the border line, specifically on the river Prut, two big boxes. The person was legally summoned by voice by employees of the Border Police, at which he abandoned the parcels and tried to flee to Giurgiuleşti. Investigative officers managed to detain a 30-year-old Moldovan, a resident of Giurgiuleşti village, Cahul.

In the two packages was found a quantity of 1.200 packs of cigarettes of Ploughman brand, with excise stamps of the Republic of Moldova. The cigarettes were confiscated.

Border authorities of Romania were announced to conduct joint investigations of the case, to identify all persons involved.

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