A young man from Soldanesti was allegedly physically and verbally assaulted by two drunk policemen from the Soldanesti Police Inspectorate, cuvintul.md writes.

The incident took place in early October at a disco  in Soldanesti. The young man was taken out of the nightclub by police officers, where he was beaten until he lost consciousness. The police officers allegedly beat the man for throwing an unfriendly glance at them.

The young man's parents believe that if Denis were guilty of something, the officials would have resolved the issue peacefully.

The incident was witnessed by the young man's fiancée, who says she did not see the start of the fight, but trying to defend her friend, she also received several blows.

According to the medical experts, the young man suffered a concussion and various wounds in the face and abdomen.

A forensic examination was made in Chisinau, because the young man’s family does not trust the experts who were sent by the prosecution. The family also fears that the investigation will not be fair.

More details on this case can be watched in the report by Impuls.TV:

According to the source, the head of the Soldanesti Police Inspectorate, Cazimir Trocin, tried to deny that police officers were involved in this case, but he noted that criminal proceedings and a service investigation have been initiated.

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