Police Directorate of Chisinau informs that an individual aged 23, originally from Floreşti, was identified and arrested by investigations officers of IP Botanica of Police Directorate of Chisinau in cooperation with the Prosecutors Office Botanica, being suspected of recruiting minors into prostitution for money.

Following the investigations, the police have discovered the house where three minors were staying between the ages of 15 and 18, originating in several suburbs of the capital, who were providing sexual services.

They came from poor families and were easily recruited by the suspect, for prostitution for cash. For sex a customers payed fines of MDL 400, money that the suspect would take later for himself.

Potential customers were allowed in the house only after the suspect ensured that he will not be found. As a result of investigations and authorized actions, the police collected evidence conclusive in this regard, demonstrating the complicity of the  individual in recruiting minors for prostitution and obtaining money.

In this context he was arrested for 30 days and is investigated for human trafficking and child trafficking. According to the criminal legislation in force, the suspect can be punished by imprisonment for a term of 15 years to 20 years. At the same time investigation actions are initiated to identify and retain his accomplices in this criminal activity. The victims will be consulted by psychologists.

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