A resident of Orhei was sentenced to six years in prison for committing thefts from five households in Criuleni District.

According to the prosecutors, during 2012, the defendant, aged 21, broke, at nighttime, into five households in villages of Stetcani and Riscova, and stole money and goods worth more than 315 thousand lei.

The chief specialist of Public Relations Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office, Eugeniu Rosca, said that the young man acted alone. "He usually stole money and gold objects.  The defendant hasn’t admitted his guilt in the course of investigation," Rosca said.

The Court of the Criuleni District convicted the defendant of theft in especially large amounts and sentenced him to a prison term of 6 years. It also ordered the convict to repay the material damages in part for the benefit of injured parties.

The sentence is subject to appeal.  

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