Border Police announced that, thanks to great cooperation between border guards and Ukrainian border guards, was succeeded the retaining of seven tons of smuggled alcohol.Following the exchange of information with colleagues in Ukraine, the officers of Border Police Sector "Briceni" triggered yesterday morning, a specific action of control near the village Bulboaca, Briceni.

For a few hours, border inspectors have pursued illegal actions of a group of people who have tried to introduce in Ukraine, fraudulently, a lot of alcohol. Finally, 10 m from the state border, was detained a truck model MAN TGA 03 registered in Edinet, with 27 bottles of 200 l of liquid with odor of alcohol. Moreover, besides the transport were found 25 bottles with the same volume, empty, and 7 more barrels of alcohol. Noticing the patrol approaching, criminals were dispersed and fled through a field of sunflowers in different directions. At the same time, for the detention of them, counterparts in Ukraine, initiated joint border checks on the segment. Soon, they found six bottles of alcohol similar to those detained on the territory of Moldova, a car model Mercedes, registered in Ukraine and a Moldovan, who tried to hide in the neighboring country.

The whole lot of alcohol was taken and stored at Border Police Sector "Briceni" and investigations continue, jointly with the State Border Service of Ukraine to identify all the people involved in the act of smuggling and attracting the accountable.

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