A group of people that for a year blackmailed, intimidated and threatened with death a 26-year-old was disclosed by the police. The victim was blackmailed because he disclosed to the law enforcement the suspect's criminal activity. Police detained the organizer of the group, a man of 46 years, alias "Senea", an advocate of the "Makena" organization.

Apprehension took place following a complaint lodged by a citizen of mun. Chisinau, aged 26, who said that for a year he and his family are blackmailed and threatened with death by a group of strangers.

The man told police that on 10 April, while at a bus station in Chisinau, he was boarded by force by four strangers in a car model of "Opel Astra", with Lithuanian registration numbers  after which he was tortured and threatened with death if he will not send MDL 250.000.

The victim was contacted by the same people repeatedly being threatened with physical punishment and the death of close relatives, unless he sent the requested amount.

On September 8, the organizer of the group, alias "Senea", contacted the victim by phone asking him to send the money, otherwise it will cause serious consequences. Thus, investigation officers, together with the employees of PGI, DGUP and BPDS Fulger organized an operation to detain the suspect red-handed while receiving the sum of MDL 5.000 from the victim.

As a result of the investigations conducted, it was determined that the suspect, alias "Senea" is an adept of the criminal organization "Makena", previously convicted of manufacturing or circulation of false money or false titles and currently appears in a criminal case for attempted murder.

In this case, the organizer of the criminal group was detained for 72 hours. If proven guilty, he risks imprisonment from 13 to 15 years. 

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