A mixed group made up of employees of Arrangements and Supervision Directorates, Security and Operational Investigation  of the Department of Penitentiary Institutions joined by Special Purpose Detachment "Pantera" conducted today, August 23, 2016, unannounced searches at Prison No. 9-Pruncul, announces the press service of DPI.

 As a result of measures carried out in blocks, the officials raised from various hiding places: 16 mobile phones and 18 accessories for those, a Wi-Fi modem, 22 liters of alcoholic beverage, 18 sharp and spongy objects and 6 packages of dried yeasts.

 At the same time, employees of Prison nr. 6 from Soroca carried out checks in the cells of the prisoners. As a result, the officials have found various hiding spots with various objects like: 11 mobile phones and 17 accessories for these, 4 USB cables and 3 sets of cards.

 All the material accumulated in these cases was handed over to Police Inspectorates from the radius of prisons location for investigation and decision-making under applicable law.

 Actions of this kind conducted regularly by the prison systemefectives are an important factor contributing to reducing crime and ensuring the protection and security in places of detention in the country.

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