Three more people accused of proxenetism, will escape legal punishment according to the decision of the Chisinau Central Court from the 2nd of November, based on amnesty law.

According to the case materials,  3 persons originating from Nisporeni: Palamarciuc Igor, Palamarciuc Serghei and Popa Nadejda, urged a 28-year-old woman to go to Italy to practice prostitution, in 2015.

The defendants organized her departure to Italy, bearing all related financial expenses. She was then taken to an apartment from Rome, and was supposed to practice prostitution on the streets of that city. The young woman provided sexual services for a week, in exchange for money. The money received was taken by Palamarciuc Serghei, who was in Italy and was meeting the victim there.

During their next attempt to travel a victim to Italy, Palamarciuc Igor and Nadejda Popa, were stopped at Leuseni by the employees of the Human Trafficking Combat Center, after the victim filed a complaint with the institution.

At the hearing on the case from the 25th of October, the three admitted their guilt, and requested the application of Amnesty Law at the same time.

The defendant's request was accepted, and they escaped imprisonment for four years, based on Amnesty Law.

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