Two women accused of pimping were discharged before going to jail in compliance with the amnesty law. The Court of the Central District of Chisinau pronounced sentences with this regard on October 7.

The first case involves a woman, aged 27, residing in Larga Noua, Cahul District. In May-June of this year, being in Germany, Aliona Yahsi urged a young woman of 33 years to provide sexual services for payment. The young woman was attracted through the Odnoklansniki social network.

In June 2016, Aliona Yahsi arranged for the girl's arrival to Germany, where she was supposed to provide sexual services. An undercover investigator revealed the criminal activities of the woman. According to the sentence, Aliona Yahsi acted in complicity with other persons, whose identity has not been established yet.

In the hearing on this case, the woman accused of pimping, admitted her guilt and asked the court to apply the amnesty law to her case, an initiative supported by the lawyer and the prosecutor. The request for the application of the amnesty law was filed by the defendant on 21 September and on 7 October the sentence of ceasing the prosecution against her was pronounced.


The second sentence concerns Antonina Ceban, a young woman, aged 22 from Vatra, Chisinau. The young woman performed unlawful actions during September 2015 - February 2016, together with her mother, Nina Paraschiv.

This time, the country of destination was Greece. Being there, the two women created on the website "" a profile entitled "leoha128" placing advertisements that offered work abroad for young girls and women.

Later, Nina Paraschiv came to Moldova to organize the trip to Greece of the two young women, Ecaterina and Elena. In February 2016, she paid her own money for the biometric passport for one of the girls and bought them both tickets from Chisinau to Athens, as well as medical insurance policies. The girls were accompanied by her to the bus and to Athens, and in Athens the girls were met by the woman's daughter, Antonina.

But the mother and daughter's intentions were unmasked by the Centre to Fight Human Trafficking, which prevented the departure of the girls to Greece.

The women have attempted to recruit other two girls (Marina and Pansela), who turned out to be undercover investigators and helped to document cases of pimping. It is interesting that one of these girls, described by the prosecutor as an undercover agent, appeared in the case of Aliona Yansi, as a victim.

The attempt to organize the trip to Greece of the two girls was again hindered by the Centre to Fight Human Trafficking.

As it happened in the case with Aliona Yansi, in the preliminary hearing, Antonina Ceban asked for the application of the amnesty law, an initiative supported by the lawyer and the prosecutor. The application in this regard was filed on October 3 this year, and 4 days later, the prosecution against the citizen Ceban Antonina was stopped.


Unlike her daughter, Nina Paraschiv, who also pleaded guilty, was sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment in a penitentiary of semi-closed type for human trafficking. Her penalty term was discontinued conditionally.

The sentence that Nina Paraschiv received shows that the scheme involved her son-in-law, Antonina Ceban’s husband  Alexei and other persons that have not been identified yet.

We recall that the Court of Botanica District issued a similar ruling of discharge of a person, accused of pimping due to the entry into force of the Law of amnesty on October 5.

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