Two doctors, members of a criminal group involved in the distribution of different types of drugs, have been detained for releasing prescriptions for the procurement of psychotropic preparations in pharmacies. The first suspect is a narcologist from a district hospital in the northern side of the country, and the second is a resident physician at a hospital in Chisinau.

After receiving the recipes, the leader of the group together with two other accomplices introduced the names of the psychotropic preparations in their contents, and on their basis procured the medicines from the pharmacies, and made them for the drug users in exchange for a fee.

After searches at the residencies and offices of the suspects, about half a liter of methadone, about 400 grams of hashish, 40 grams of amphetamine, 73 Subutex pills, and over 100 pills with psychotropic effects, but also an illegally-held weapon and ammunition.

At the same time, at the residence of one of the doctors there were found over 70 thousand lei, obtained from the criminal activity.

A total of 5 people (two doctors, the head of the criminal group and two drug distributors) were detained, and the application of the preventive arrest measure should be requested.

If they are found guilty, the suspects risk up to 15 years in prison.

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