An illegal casino was opened in the private apartment. A 35 years old man is being investigated for organization of illegal gambling and especially the poker in the apartment in the capital center.

According to the police, clients needed to pay at least one thousand lei to participate in a poker game, croupier had 4% of the total income from the games. The casino was attended at least by ten clients daily.  All the money the casino earned was not accounted.

The police with the support of the Special Brigade "Fulger" made searches at the casino. There were confiscated chips and playing cards, diaries with the drafts of rates, computers and about 100 thousand lei.

Also there were found two sets of suspicious cards that were labeled on the reverse side. Labels become visible on ultraviolet light. The police assume that these sets of card were made for cardsharping that raised the casino’s income.

The casino’s owner can be punished by a fine from 20 thousand lei to 40 thousand lei, or unpaid community services up to 200 hours.

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