Prosecution for Organized Crime Combat and Special Causes completed and sent to court the criminal charges against four members of an organized criminal group, which specializes in making illegal circulation of drugs (heroin) in large proportions.

Public Affairs Section of the Prosecutor General's Office informs that according to evidence collected between the years 2015 - 2016, the organizer of the criminal group, which was held in Taraclia prison for committing a double murder, has acquired several mobile phones, through which he established contacts with his wife (a member of the group) and coordinated other accomplices in freedom. Thus, being in prison, the leader of the group negotiated and managed the whole process of purchase and sale of heroin, after which the narcotic substance was divided into smaller doses and sold to drug addicts.

Members of the group have organized the transmission of drugs in the prison where their leader was detained and later to alienate it to other inmates.

The narcotic substance was purchased from not established persons in Turkey that carried heroin in Moldova, concealed in packages, through a transportation company. In the last episode of receiving drug shipments from Turkey, the officials detected and confiscated 48.18 grams of heroin.

In the searches conducted at the residence of a member of the criminal group were found and taken an electronic scale, used to dividing heroin in smaller doses to be alienated to third parties. Also on the surface of the scale were found particles of heroin.

That criminal case was sent to Ciocana Prosecutors Court, where the criminals risk up to 15 years of imprisonment for such offenses.

Prosecutors also are investigating the legality of the employees of the penitentiary institution and to elucidate the circumstances in which it was possible to enter the territory of the detention facility, with prohibited objects and substances.

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