Two of the four teenagers suspected of killing the 14 -year -old girl from Straseni will stay another 30 days in custody. According Straseni district prosecutor, Alexandru Rață, the decision was taken recently by judges at the prosecutors’ request.

The source also mentioned for CrimeMoldova that the third young man detained by police in Hungary, will be extradited shortly to Moldova. "The procedure of extradition was granted. It has already been started, therefore, the young man will arrive soon in the country", said Alexandru Rață.

The minor was found dead on the 30th of November, a few days after she had disappeared. Traces of violence were discovered on her body. Similarly, it found that the teen had died as a result of multiple blows to the head.

According to the prosecutors, the crime was committed by four teenagers aged 13 to 17. Two are placed in custody, one is to be extradited to the country, and the fourth can not be detained for he is only 13 years old.

The local authorities say the four teenagers were registered at the social worker, since they all come from underprivileged families. Three of the suspects were previously investigated by police for thefts and robberies.

The prosecutors also informed that the young men consumed alcoholic beverages, a fight started between them, and then they killed the young girl. Also, according to the results of the forensic examination, the 14 year-old teenager was not raped.

If found guilty, the suspects are likely to spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

At the same time, four people were suspended from office after the Ministry of Interior started and investigation in the case of the murdered girl from Straseni. It's about Straseni Police Inspectorate chief, the head of the public order from Straseni, the chief of criminal police and a district police officer.

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