Prosecutors have requested the Court of Appeal to annul the decision to acquit the former Vice Commissary of Chisinau, Iacob Gumeniţă, and sentence him to four years and six months in prison with execution.

"The court did not properly assess the evidence, which clearly demonstrates Gumeniţa's guilt," the prosecutor told the court. On the other hand, former lawyer of Chisinau Vice Commissary, Ion Vazdoaga, claims that the video recordings in the Great National Assembly Square, where Gumenita appears to be hitting the protesters, can not be accepted as evidence because the Expert Report was made outside the country, in the absence of a rogatory commission.

Sergiu Popusoi, Damian Hâncu's lawyer, the injured party in Gumeniţă’s case, says that this case was deliberately delayed and his client is deeply disappointed that the former head of the municipal police was acquitted.

Tudor Cojocaru, the prosecutor on the case, claims that the trial is further delayed because both victims and witnesses do not show up at court hearings and will seek the assistance of territorial prosecutors for their forced eviction.

The criminal case filed on the name of Iacob Gumeniţă was initiated in the summer of 2010. The former policeman was accused of influence peddling during the events from April of 2009. He was detained following the video recordings of the Government building, in which Gumenita appears hitting the young protesters with his feet. On April 8, 2016, the Buiucani Court acquitted Gumenita.

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