The five young suspects that shot a man on the night of October 2 will be investigated under preventive arrest. Center District Court of Chisinau issued on Tuesday, October 4, arrest warrants for a period of 30 days for three of the suspects and for 20 days for the other two, including the girl.

However, prosecutors issued an order to institute criminal proceedings for manslaughter against a young man, aged 22, originating from Ukraine. The others are accused of hooliganism, favoring offense and unauthorized possession of weapons. 

The victim was shot with his own gun, legally owned, trying to defend himself. The attackers, who were intoxicated, took revenge, as the 30-year-old man laughed at them because one of them had stumbled. Two of the defendants, including the one who had pulled the trigger, originate from the Odessa region, Ukraine and came to Chisinau to celebrate the Wine Day.

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