Viorel Bîrsanu was appointed as a special administrator of ASITO. He will have full powers to lead, manage and control the insurer in accordance with the law, including the performance of the rights and obligations of shareholders and governing bodies of the insurer during the special administration.

On 15 July, Bîrsanu’s name was published in the Official Gazette, together with the NCFM Decision, communicates

Since his designation the special administrator takes control and manages the business of the insurer, having access to the assets, premises, documents, reports, records and any other information held by the insurer. The labour remuneration of the special administrator is established from the account of the supervisory authority.

The legal documents and / or actions undertaken in the name and on behalf of the International Insurance Company "ASITO" JSC are null if committed in violation of art.422 of the Law No. 407-XVI of 21.12.2006 and are not coordinated or approved by the special administrator.

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