The 29-year-old Nicolai Ibriș, accused with attempted murder of former councilor of the Comrat Municipal Council, Victor Vasilioglo, will be brought to the court. The man is accused of attempted premeditated murder, as well as manufacture, storage and carrying illegal weapon.

The incident occurred on June 6th, in the center of Comrat town. Victor Vasilioglo was found by police with a gunshot wound in the abdomen and head. Vasilioglo won Ibriş Nicolai's house and a large sum of money in a cards game, and so between the two of them started a fight.

Th w38-year-old ex-councilor was transported to the emergency surgery department and underwent surgery, but due to the complications occurred, died in the hospital on September 4th. The former councilor was almost three months in very serious condition.

Victor Vasilioglo’s wife stated this summer that she was nearby when the incident happened. She heard two gunshots, but had no idea what was happening. She said that the disagreements between the two of them had lasted for a while now. Ibriş repeatedly threatened Vasilioglo, who had borrowed money from him but refused to pay it back.

During the criminal investigation, the prosecutors determined that the defendant acted intentionally in order to take the victim’s life, and as a weapon he used a smooth-bore gun,  model "ИЖ-54" 12 bore, which he had illegally manufactured himself.


Ibriş is currently under arrest, and if found guilty he faces up to 20 years in prison. 

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