Two young men, aged 22 and 23, have been arrested for murder that occurred in the Buiucani district of Chisinau. The detention took place in Gratieti and police officers used weapons to capture the criminals.

The suspects, residents of Chisinau and Ungheni district, had brutally killed a 27-year-old inhabitant of the capital. The dead body of the young man was found on May 7 by a crew of the National Patrol Inspectorate near a garbage dump.


The forensic expertise established that the victim had been cruelly beaten and mutilated with a sharp object. 

Analyzing the circumstances, the police established that the suspects had met the victim on the shore of the lake. They decided to play a game of cards for money. Later on, being drunk, the suspects and the victim had a conflict. As a result, the two allegedly punched him with a pocketknife in the region of the head.

The suspects have been detained for 72 hours. They are prosecuted for murder and risk prison sentences of 15 to 20 years, or life imprisonment.

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