Mobile teams of the Border Service have counteracted a tentative of placement on the market of smuggled goods worth over MDL 500 thousand. The goods were not declared, being brought into the country by evading border control.

The goods were detained near the village Corlăteni, Râşcani, following the verification of a information on smuggling activity carried out by a group of Moldovan citizens.

The goods were transported by a member of the group, aged 40.

As a result of the physical check of the van driven by him, border inspectors identified a lot of impressive household chemicals and personal hygiene products, without the accompanying documents. In the research it was established that the goods are of Ukrainian origin and were to be sold illegally on the local market.

Early estimates show the total quantity of cargo value exceeds the sum of MDL 500.000.

Persons involved in smuggling, risk imprisonment from 3 to 10 years. 

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