One of the two Azeri men, detained for 30 days by Moldovan authorities, turned out to be Hagverdi Yusifov, ex-footballer of Azerbaijan's Lokomotiv Bilacary team.

Hagverdi Yusifov, aged 24, together with an accomplice, whose name wasn’t made public, shot two people in Kharkov. One of the victims died and the second was injured.

The man, who lost his life, originated from Azerbaijan and was a trader at Barabasovo, the largest Eastern European market. In addition, in the attack, a Georgian citizen, earlier convicted in his homeland for murder, was injured.  writes that the armed attack occurred on the night of March 30, near a restaurant in the center of Kharkov, Ukraine. The two killers are allegedly controlled by the thief in law, Nadir Salifov, known as Guli.

Azeri Killers are to be extradited to Ukraine.

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